Cheryl Cole's new album Only Human reveals a lot about her. Did you know One Direction's Liam Payne and Celebrity Big Brother's Preston wrote one of the songs?!

Cheryl Cole likes to stay quiet about her new husband. In
fact, so much so that she has just branded his life ‘irrelevant’ to her career in a new interview. Yep, you read right.

Discussing Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini – who she married
in secret back in July – the 31-year-old said: ‘Well it would be contradictory
for me to sit here talking about him when he’s taken such measures to be

‘But people have no right to write about someone just
because I’m in a relationship with them. They can write about my music and what
I’m wearing. They can’t write about someone else’s life – that’s irrelevant.’

So, does that explain why she doesn’t thank him AT ALL on her new album Only Human?

In fact, she thanks an incredible 41 people on her album sleeve – including her brother Garry Tweedy (‘love you from the bottom of my heart’), her ‘main man’ Sundraj Sreenivasan (her managaer), her ex Girls Aloud band mate and bestie Nicola Roberts (who co-wrote four songs) and record exec Ferdy Unger-Hamilton (who, incidentally once went
out with Dido).

But Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who she started dating in January, doesn’t make the cut. Could she have run out of space? Did she decide she’d rather keep their relationship details a secret? Or did she just not have time to include him? We’re not sure.

J-B can rest assured, though, that he’s in good company. Cheryl also doesn’t include any thanks to her beloved mum Joan or her best mate Kimberley Walsh.

So what else does Cheryl’s new album Only
Human – which is actually rather good – reveal? Now investigates…

Cheryl loves swearing

A total 14 times to be precise. From f**k to s**t, potty-mouthed
Cheryl loves a curse word on her latest album. It even comes with a ‘parental advisory’ warning. Maybe it’s because she Don’t
Care, right?

Cheryl is angry. And busy.

A lot of the lyrics on the album indicate that Cheyrl is not
a woman to be messed with. Here are some of her angriest and busiest lyrics:

‘I got s**t to do’

‘Out of love and I don’t know how to keep my cool’

‘Superficial s**t don’t mean a thing, I’ve thrown away the
diamond ring’

‘I ran out of f***s to give you baby’

‘I’m not shutting up, I’m out blazing like a rocket’

‘I don’t care, and it feels so f*****g good to say, I swear’

‘All f****d up and we’re still looking pretty’

‘Hands off ‘fore I take you down with my swagger’

‘You see a woman can be tough, I won’t break’

You get the idea.

It took nine people to write one song

Goodbye Means Hello, track number 11 on Only Human, has a
total of nine writers. Lucas Secon, Nicola Roberts (yes HER!), C.Smith, H. Browne.
Fridolin Nordsoe, Frederick Nordsoe, John Schumann, Bo Rand and Christian Leith
all helped write the lyrics to the song, which include the lines: ‘coo coo coo coo
coo, you got me going’ and ‘in in in in in and out we go.’

She works with a LOT of people

We know about Nicola Roberts, but did you know that One
Direction’s Liam Payne was also involved in the writing of the album? He
co-wrote the album’s closing track I Won’t Break alongside Chantelle Houghton’s ex-husband The Ordinary Boys’ Preston. Blimey. Also, woman of the moment Sia
was involved, writing the song Firecracker with Greg Kurstin. He has
previously written for Kylie, Katy Perry, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Lily Allen.
Other collaborators include Rick Parkhouse and George Tizzard, who have worked
with Union J, The Saturdays, 5 Seconds of Summer and Cheryl’s former X Factor
protégé, Alexandra Burke. The writing world is a small one, huh?!

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