Ex-X Factor panellist Tulisa is back and stronger than ever


To say that Tulisa, 26, has been on a rollercoaster ride over the past 18 months would be an understatement.

In June 2013 the former X Factor judge and N-Dubz singer was victim of a sting by The Sun on Sunday’s ‘fake sheikh’ Mazher Mahmood, who reportedly set her up to organise a cocaine deal.

This then led to Tulisa being charged with trying to supply class-A drugs and her life put on hold, as she feared imprisonment and losing her career.

Things became so difficult for the young singer leading up to the trial that she admitted attempting to take her own life, by overdosing on painkiller co-codamal. Thankfully her friend and assistant Gareth Varey was there to call an ambulance.

‘I refused to go to hospital, I just sat with the paramedics for a couple of hours,’ she said. ‘They couldn’t let me go to sleep at first but eventually I did. I woke up the next day just feeling numb. I act like I’m strong but I’m really not’.

Tulisa’s trial collapsed and was thrown out of court this July after the judge believed that Mazher Mahmood had lied when giving evidence.

Outside the court she said: ‘I have not been able to work for a year, and I am now looking forward to resuming my career. I will use these experiences to make me stronger.’

She’s not one to mince her words and now Tulisa is back and by all appearances stronger than ever, with her comeback single, Living Without You out next week.

We saw Tulisa at The Metro Guilty Pleasures party on Monday night where she looked healthy, happy and surrounded by friends, including Vanessa White from The Saturdays.

Even in front of people and cameras, Tulisa seemed confident and secure.

‘I used to hold my head down when people took pictures of me’, she told Now. ‘But now I hold it up high.’

It’s really inspiring that Tulisa can put dramatic events and struggles with mental health behind her *does female boss arm move*

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