Jen breaks down on film set as friends fear for her health

Jennifer Aniston was reduced to tears after filming scenes that reminded her of Brad Pitt.

The heartbroken star told crew on the set of her movie The Bounty, co-starring Gerard Butler, that she ‘needed to take a moment’ after shooting one particularly romantic moment.

When a concerned assistant asked what was wrong, she responded: ‘This scene reminds me of Brad and me.’

Now can reveal that friends are extremely concerned over Jen‘s wellbeing and her rollercoaster love life.

Jen, 40, has rekindled her romance with singer John Mayer and they’ve been seeing each other in secret, even though he still refuses to commit to her.

Our source adds: ‘She’s very vulnerable at present and none of us think John’s a good influence in her life.

‘With him, it never has a happily ever after ending.’

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Chris White New Editor