Comedian thinks Girls Aloud star is great


Frank Skinner is a big Cheryl Cole fan.

The comedian interviewed the Girls Aloud star, 25, shortly after she was charged with assaulting a toilet attendant 5 years ago.

And he’s pleased that she’s turned her career around.

‘I gave her quite a pressing interview,’ Frank recalls.

‘She came over very well. When she came back after all that was over she was hilarious.

‘She’s good on X Factor, I like the fact she’ll cry at the sad bits. And proof that WAGs can be quite nice. She’s a total babe too.’

Frank, 51, admits that he was shocked when Cheryl’s husband Ashley, 27, was accused of having an affair in January.

‘I’ve been totally on her side in the Ashley Cole thing,’ he tells Celebs On Sunday.

‘I don’t know all the ins and outs of it. But she’s a good catch. I’m like one of the women at Bingo going, “I wouldn’t stand for it. A lovely girl like you.”’


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