Comedian reveals shocking past

Frankie Boyle has admitted that he was an alcoholic who regularly experimented with drugs when he was younger.

The Mock The Week star, 36, blames his upbringing for his wild ways.

‘Everybody in Scotland drinks and it’s hard to tell when you’ve got a problem,’ he says.

‘By the time I was a student I was getting pissed five or six days a week, drinking up to 10 pints a night. I knew I was an alcoholic.’

He gave up drinking when he was 26 – but he continued to use drugs.

‘I’d do anything I could get – a lot of weed, ecstasy and acid but never cocaine,’ he tells the News Of The World.

‘That’s an idiot’s drug. But it’s been years now since I’ve done anything.’

Frankie’s new DVD Frankie Boyle Live is out now.

Alison Adey