She's given up her new film role because she's going to be a mum

After Jennifer Lopez quit her role as Lucy Ewing in the new film version of cult 80s TV hit Dallas, starring John Travolta and Shirley MacLaine, there were rumours she’d been sacked.

But the boyfriend of actress Kate Cassidy, who took over the part, has let slip that 36-year-old J-Lo left the movie simply because she is pregant.

Jesse McCartney told Atlanta radio station Star 94: ‘She didn’t get fired. She’s pregnant’. Then added, ‘Was I not supposed to say anything?’

J-Lo married third husband Marc Anthony in June 2004 and announced that she was ready to start a family right away.

Recently she’s added lots of spinach to her diet to boost her intake of folic acid and has joked, ‘If the spinach doesn’t help me conceive, I’ll still end up with Popeye-sized muscles.’