Collectively they've spent hundreds of thousands to look like Kim Kardashian and co, but what do you think?

Birmingham-born Jordan James Parke hit the headlines this week in his surgical quest to look like Kim Kardashian, but the 23-year-old isn’t the only one splashing the cash on surgery to look like their favourite star.

Combined these fans have spent more than £300,000 to look like their chosen celebrities, but how successful have they been?

Here are our top 5 surgery-loving super fans:

1. Jordan James Parke

Jordan has spent £100,000 on more than 50 cosmetic procedures, including Botox, lip and cheek fillers, laser hair treatment, eye brow tattoos and Lord knows what else. Sadly, though, he still looks nothing like a Kim Kardashian of the Midlands.

2. Sam Barton

With a £11,000 NHS nose and £25,000 worth of personal debts, ‘Britain’s vainest man’ Sam’s mission to recreate the Joey Essex look has left him looking a little less than reem.

Sadly the showbiz lifestyle Sam dreams of has also left him at risk, after he was recently attacked during a visit to Essex – with his attackers shouting: ‘There’s only one thing worse than Joey Essex, and that’s a Joey Essex wannabe.’ Harsh.

3. Toby Sheldon

When 24-year-old Toby spent a reported £70,000 to become a Justin Bieber lookalike, he sadly didn’t factor in that a teenage Bieber hadn’t quite finished puberty.

Whereas he initially had the look of a young Justin, his frozen face is forever stuck in the past as his celebrity icon has left the baby days behind him and continued maturing into a man.

4. Mike and Matt

It seems identical twins Mike and Matt weren’t too happy as a duo, and set out to make Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt their triplet – by er, splashing a combined £20,000 on noses to match the star.

Something tells us their mother won’t have been best pleased!

5. Kelly Chandler

It’s not just the blokes who are after the celebrity look and lifestyle, though. Yet for Kelly her quest to become Jennifer Aniston was prompted by a need for revenge, not vanity.

After a painful split from her ex husband, she parted with over £15,000 on Jen-inspired implants, liposuction and nose job to make her ex jealous – because that was apparently a good idea?

She said: ‘To be honest, I thought to myself, “What a perfect way to let him squirm, to let him see what I look like after the surgery”. It was the ultimate revenge.’

Hmm! What do you guys think?

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