Chloe Sims posts Instagram picture about trolling on social media

Chloe Sims is the latest celebrity to stand up to trolls! Good on yer, Chloe!

The TOWIE star took to Instagram and posted a picture is a quote,  that read: ‘If someone published a book full of all the comments you’ve left on social media, would you be proud?’

The 32-year-old mum-of-one was clearly furious with the actions of some people on social media and left the caption, ‘This is for all the idiots who get sooooo caught up in TOWIE stories… it’s an entertainment show for all those that send the cast including myself vile messages on a daily basis, if there wasn’t any drama, bitching or back stabbing you wouldn’t have anything to watch so save your negative comments… #Ridiculous.’

Despite trolling being a serious issue… Some fans seemed annoyed with Chloe’s post. One fan took to Twitter and stated, ‘I agree but those idiots pay for part of your lifestyle.’

Other fans however totally agreed and one showed their support on Instagram by stating: ‘Must be hard for yous, try not to let it get to you’s! You’re totally right though.’

This is not the first time that Chloe has spoken out about trolling. Chloe opened up in an interview and said, ‘I’ve always been insecure about my face. But reading that you’re ugly just makes it worse. Everyday someone says something nasty.’ Poor Chloe could you imagine reading something so horrible about yourself?

It is clear that bullying is a passionate issue for Chloe. She also had the back of fellow co-star Gemma Collins, 34, after Sunday nights show and tweeted:

Gemma and fellow TOWIE star Vas Morgan are forever locking horns and on Monday morning Gemma took to Twitter to out the celebrity and fashion blogger, Gemma wrote: ‘Nice threatening text to wake up to. This is what I have to deal.’

The text from Vas read: ‘How about STOP implying you’re being bullied because we both know you are NOT. ‘


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Lily Anderson