Take That singer fears being overlooked by the press if the plane crashes


Gary Barlow has vowed never to take a flight with anyone more famous than himself.

The singer, who recently flew from LA to London with David Beckham, 33, and Gordon Ramsay, 41, fears no one would care if he were involved in a fatal accident.

‘I could just see how that would be written: “Football star and top chef in plane crash,”’ he tells The Sun. ‘Then in the last paragraph: “Pop singer Gary Barlow was also on the plane.”’

Gary, 37, and Take That stars Jason Orange, 38, Howard Donald, 40, and Mark Owen, 36, recently visited former bandmate Robbie Williams, 34, in LA.

‘Rob’s looking really well at the moment,’ Jason tells the Daily Mirror. ‘We went out for dinner and he was telling us he’s been chilling out and writing a lot.

‘I don’t know if it’s all about UFOs but he’ll be bringing something out soon.’