Errr, slightly awkward...

Gaz Beadle has revealed the REAL reason why he’s happy that ex girlfriend Charlotte Crosby isn’t in Geordie Shore anymore: because he can pull without guilt.

The pair split earlier this year when Gaz flew to Thailand to film the new series of Ex On the Beach. After finding out how many girls he’d slept with – and suffering a traumatic ectopic pregnancy – the pair split for good.

Despite never speaking anymore, the 28-year-old revealed to OK! Online: ‘Obviously she’s a big miss, she’s been there the whole time, and we did everything together.


‘But, for the first time, I was single, I could go out with the lads, pull someone and not worry about hurting anyone. It was nice for me.

‘Obviously, we had arguments but I could go out on the pull again with the lads.’

Gaz Beadle ham gif geordie shore

Gaz Beadle – who is currently dating Mario Falcone‘s ex Emma McVey – added: ‘It was nice being single again. I’ve been there for the last four or five years and always been with Charlotte.’

But while the Newcastle hunk moves on with his life in Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby has been busy as well.

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Not only is she dating actor Ash Harrison, she’s just moved into a £1 million home in the North East countryside.

So while we’re personally super-sad Charlotte isn’t in the latest series of the MTV show, we’re happy both of them are moving on with their lives. In their, erm, own ways.