The TOWIE star, Gemma Collins, isn't taking her co-star’s threats with a pinch of salt

Gemma Collins and Vas Morgan’s explosive row shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Fans saw the pair go head to head last night on TOWIE along with Bobby Norris and Lauren Pope after tensions reached breaking point.

And the argument carried on this morning with Gemma posting a text from Vas on Twitter saying:

Her pal, Chloe Sims also lept to her defence Tweeting:

The row started after Lauren performed an unflattering impression of the 34-year-old last week.

The larger-than-life fashion designer hit back: ‘I’m pleased Lauren’s’ done an impression of me, cos it proved you have got a personality and you’re not just a tombstone!’

She added: ‘Where has this come from? Lauren’s not spoke in Essex in years, all of a sudden she’s using her voice box.’

Things turned nasty with Gemma, Bobby and Chloe doing their own impression of the DJ by excessive blinking and doing frozen facial expressions.

Celebrity blogger, Vas stood up for his pal Lauren blasting Gemma saying: ‘You’re just a nasty person. You haven’t got a personality, you’re just nasty. People laugh at you, not with you. She’s come over here with a big smiley face, but she’s going around b****ing. I’m not having you do it to Lauren too.’

Lauren added: ‘I’d rather have my personality than yours every day of the week’…. then told Gemma to f**k off.’

Gemma then turned on BFF Bobby throwing a drink over him after Vas said they only hung around together because he was terrified by her.

Gemma posted a snap of Leonardo DiCaprio from Great Gatsby saying: ‘Cheers to all my haters! Be patient. So much more is coming.’

She added: ‘Thanks for all your support everyone we are making a show but that was real last night the nastiness and I only had to walk over as part of the show I never wanted to ever do scenes with them two because I am not friends with nasty bitter people however I have to do my job professionally x’

Wow! Sounds like this could run and run….

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Kelly Allen