Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby talks fat-shaming

Charlotte Crosby is a total fitspiration. After dropping 3st in just seven months last year, the Geordie Shore star is still rocking a trim and toned size 6 body – often sharing selfies on social media – which she puts down to her bestselling fitness DVD – the biggest-selling fitness DVD of the last 15 years!

Today, Charlotte, 25, tells Now she’s totally loved up with Love Island’s gorgeous Max Morley, 22. The pair only met last month but Char’s already met the family! Now caught up with the Geordie lass to hear all the goss on how she got and keeps the body of her dreams…


Hi Charlotte, you look great at the mo! You’ve proved it’s possible to lose weight and keep it off. What size are you?

I’m a 6-8.

Don’t you have days where you just can’t be bothered with healthy eating and working out?

Of course. Everyone has days like that. It was only at the weekend I was having McDonald’s. But when you exercise and you eat healthy more often than you eat junk, you can get away with it.

But is it an ongoing struggle to maintain your weight?

You just have to try to not let it get into a mental thing. You have to think to yourself: ‘I’m going to fluctuate in weight,’ like you go between wanting long nails then short nails. Everything changes – you’re a human being. Once you’ve got that in your head you don’t let it bother you. I know that when I go into the Geordie Shore house I’m going to go wild for six weeks and I might put on two or three pounds, but I’m not going to let it get us down because it’ll come off when I get out.

Talk us through your daily diet…

I have scrambled egg in the morning with bacon and I use three eggs. For lunch I’ll have a tuna salad and dinner is a chicken stir-fry or steak with veg and sweet potato.

OK, but is there any guilty pleasure food you can’t live without?

McDonald’s. I used to get a Big Mac meal but now I like a Quarter Pounder meal with chicken nuggets and chips. I eat it every couple of weeks.

charlotte crosby

charlotte crosby

Have you quit the booze too?

I recently went to Ibiza so I must have put away some units there! My drinking habits, to be honest, haven’t changed. But it’s not every single night. I might go out once on the weekend.

Are there ever days when you’re hungry but you just don’t eat?

No, I’d never let myself get like that. If someone said to me: ‘My worst fear is putting on weight,’ I’d have to slap them and say: ‘Are you f***ing for real?’ There’s poverty around the world and people dying and they’re worried about putting on weight. People like that need a slap and I’ll gladly give it to them!

Recently, there’s been a huge rise in body shaming of celebs for being too fat or too thin – Cheryl Fernandez-Versini being the latest victim for being skinny. Do you feel sorry for her?

I honestly don’t think Cheryl even cares what people think of her. When I got it, it didn’t get us down, I didn’t cry at night, I was just like: ‘Right, OK.’

Were you happy bigger, though?

I was happy being both. I’m more confident now. I’m happy no matter what size I am.

How do you show off your body confidence?

The way I dress, going out and speaking to boys. I never dressed sexy [when I was bigger]. I always put myself down in the boy department. I wasn’t the one who’d go out on dates.

Did you ever compare yourself to Vicky Pattison and the other Geordie Shore housemates?

Yeah, I did because they all had a lot of confidence and they knew how to flirt. I just felt like I was the funny fat one.

Be sure to catch Charlotte on Geordie Shore on MTV at 10pm on Tuesdays.