Viewers branded Charlotte Crosby’s interview with Lorraine Kelly as awkward and bordering on bullying as she talks about her book and Geordie Shore

Not many us have had an interesting enough life to write an autobiography by the time we’re the age of 25, but that’s not the case when you’re Newcastle’s sweetheart, Charlotte Crosby. Party girl and ultimate fitness guru, the 25-year-old was on Lorraine on Monday morning talking about her book, Me, Me, Me, but it seems that Lorraine Kelly wasn’t too impressed by the Geordie lasses bladder control.

Talking about her infamous incidents of wetting the bed on Geordie Shore, the 55-year-old TV host asked if Charlotte felt embarrassed by her little accidents, and of course, our favourite Geordie lass didn’t care.

‘I’m not the type of person who sits and worries about things, I live life to the fullest and I don’t stop for a second and think about people who I don’t know what their opinions are.

‘I not [embarrassed] no… because it’s so normal now.’

But Lorraine was quick to lecture Charlotte that her bedwetting habits weren’t normal, adamantly saying: ‘No it’s not. It really isn’t. I have to be honest with you.’

Charlotte laughed it off, saying that people find it funny, and obviously it’s an accident and she doesn’t do it on purpose, before Lorraine went on to say: ‘But they might not be laughing with you though, are you not worried about that?’ before continuing to ask Chazza if she ever though about getting help.

Some viewers found the queen of daytime telly’s interviewing style with Charlotte a bit grilling and dare we say it, mean, with some people even called the nicest lady on TV a bully.

But some found the whole thing cringe-worthy…

Others were just cackling with laughter over the hilarity of it..

And why wouldn’t they, our girl Charlotte’s always funny – even Lorraine agreed, laughing and telling Charlotte, ‘you ARE hilairious!’

Even Charlotte herself didn’t think the interview went all too well, but she did what she did best and laughed it off – that’s why we love her!
As well as promoting her book and having the fastest-selling fitness DVD out there, Charlotte of course started off on MTV’s Geordie Shore, and she’s not going to be saying bye to the show anytime soon.

‘I’d like to carry on what I’m doing. I’d like to be a part of Geordie Shore until it ended.’

But it’s not just Geordie Shore that Charlotte’s got her eyes set on – think you’ve already seen a lot of her? We may be seeing a LOT more of her in the future…

‘I’d like to give birth on camera, I’d do everything, no limits, there’s none, the sky’s the limit!’

But we’ll be there waiting on Instagram for a baby selfie when that day comes!

‘I’d like to carry on doing everything on came, which you don’t seem to like Lorraine but everyone else seems to love!’

Could Lorraine have a front-row seat at Charlotte’s future birth though, as she laughed and said that ‘it’s just the wetting yourself’ that she’s not a big fan of.

We’ll be watching whatever Charlotte gets up to! But remind us to go to the loo before we ever meet Lorraine!

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