Uh oh! Geordie Shore lad Gaz is throwing some serious shade

Rival reality shows chatting about one another always means one thing: DRAMA.

We’re used to trouble on The Only Way Is Essex between the lads, ladies, friendships and families; and we’re used to drunken drama between, well, everyone on Geordie Shore.

But what about when the two shows collide? Yep, things turn NASTY.

In an interview with Mail Online, Geordie Shore’s answer to Casanova (kind of) Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle went on a full speed, nothing-held-back rant about none other than TOWIE‘s Ferne McCann.

‘I hate her,’ he fumed. ‘I cannot stand the girl. I’ll tweet her that I hate her too – she is my pet hate.’

Though we’re yet to see Gaz’s hatred spread across social media, he did continue his rant with added vigour:

‘She’s so weird. When she does an interview, she talks about herself in third person. She’s like, “Ferne is fine. Ferne is feeling fantastic. Ferne is the star of the show”. She thinks she’s God’s gift, that one. She keeps trying to be the boy and it’s not working. I just hate her.’

Wow, well you’ve certainly made that one clear, Gaz!

And it isn’t the first time the lad has launched a tirade at Ferne. In February, Gaz said:

‘I’ve spoken to Ferne a few times, but I can’t really be arsed when I see her. She’s got too big for her boots at the minute. She came on TOWIE late and I think she thinks she’s bigger than everyone else.’

But does Ferne even care what Gary thinks? Erm, apparently not. ‘How nice Gaz I devoting so much of his, ahem, brain-space analysing me,’ she responded.

No love lost there then, guys?

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Kim Gregory