Vicky isn't sure about having a baby

Vicky Pattison has revealed that she doesn’t ever want to become a mum.

The Geordie Shore star – who announced her split from boyfriend James Morgan in November – isn’t maternal and can’t see herself with a baby.

‘I don’t want it,’ says Vicky, 27.

‘Even my mum held her hands up and was like, “Some people are just never meant to be mothers, Vicky!”

‘And I’m one of them.’

Before breaking up with butcher and ice hockey player James, Vicky Pattison spoke of how glad she was that they felt the same way about children.

‘[We’ve talked about] marriage yes, kids no,’ the Newcastle lass had said.

‘I’m dying to be married and have a lovely big house and loads of dogs. We’ve both been engaged before but never married.

‘He has a little girl, Talia, from a previous relationship.

‘Fundamentally we’re both very selfish. We want to travel. We want a nice house.

‘We want to be hungover on a Sunday and not have to go downstairs and play farmyard. But it’s nice we agree.

‘He has that with her and he’s a brilliant dad and loves her to death but he doesn’t need it again. And that’s brilliant because I don’t want it.’

Despite saying that she doesn’t feel inclined towards motherhood, Vicky seemed to have had a change of heart at the end of last year when she spoke to Now.

‘I didn’t think I was [broody] – I’m so not into kids,’ the Geordie Shore star told us.

‘But as I get older, I do want them. Talia’s definitely helped. We were on our way back from Ibiza and I saw this lovely family at the airport.

‘The little girl was really bossing her little brother around and it reminded me of Talia. If I do have kids, it’ll be way, way in the future.’

For now the newly single Vicky is happier in the company of pets than children, saying: ‘I’m crackers about animals.’

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