Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby lifts the lid on some of the struggles she’s faced

We’ve seen every inch of her on our TV screens in Geordie Shore, but it turns out there’s a lot we never knew about Charlotte Crosby. Here, Charlotte, 25, talks exclusively about her new autobiography Me Me Me…

Hi Charlotte! How are things with your man Mitch Jenkins? You say in the book you were hoping to have bought a house by now…
We’ve had to put it on hold because I’m too busy at the minute. There’s no trouble and we’re stronger than ever – it’s just not the time to be juggling my work with looking for houses.

What does he think of your ‘three-year rule’ to propose?
I never really told him about that to be honest and I don’t think he’ll ever read the book. But if that’s true, he’d have to propose to us next year.

Do you think he will?!
No, I don’t think he’s got it in him! All the wedding ideas I have in the book are very one-sided – it’s all me.

One of the most emotional moments in the book is when you found out your friend Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin had breast cancer…
I love Carol and it was a massive shock. Massive. It did prompt me to check myself more. I always worry about this and I’ve had numerous trips back and forth to the clinic over the years. I’m really quite sensible like that.

Have you ever had a cancer scare, then?
I have, yeah. When I was 18, I found a lump in my boob and went straight to the doctors with my mum. They sent me to the hospital for some tests and it turned out it was just an extra milk duct in my breast – but I do regularly check now.

When you talk about your teenage years, you mention a ‘violent ex’ – what happened?
I was 17 at the time and we were together for a year and half. He’d cheat on me a lot and, one time, he pushed me. He was never violent in terms of hitting me, but it made me realise the relationship needed to end. I don’t know how far he would have taken it. I never really trusted anybody after that. To anybody going through something similar, I’d say you have to talk to people you’re close to who can help you through it. You can’t keep it inside.

How did it make you feel when you’ve been criticised over Geordie Shore’s raunchy nature?
Uncomfortable and intimidated. Louis Walsh was the worst when he said that one of his X Factor contestants ‘had a shag sorted for the evening’ because I was in the studio. He’s just a stupid grandad saying stupid grandad jokes that aren’t funny. If I ever see him again, I’ll ignore him. He’s a prick.