Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson has shared the real reason she takes sexy selfies.

Let’s not lie, we’re all partial to a little selfie.

Whack on a roughly seven filters and perhaps the Snapchat dog filter and hey presto, you might as well be bleeding Beyoncé!

And, as you’re probably well aware, the Geordie Shore gal’s are 100% into the whole selfie thing.

Now, you may be fooled into thinking that this whole selfie thing is just the Geordie ladies having a laugh and looking very very sexy at the same time- but according to 24-year-old Marnie Simpson, it’s a lot deeper than that.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Marnie has shared ‘People can criticise you but they don’t relise how hard it is being in this industry and how much it can effect your self-esteem’.

The Geordie gal’ continued, ‘A lot of the time I feel insecure and if I take a nice selfie of myself then it makes me feel better. It makes me think: stop being down, stop being insecure you look good’.

Marnie then added, ‘I 100 per cent put them up to validate myself and I know that sounds bad but most of the time when I do a sexy selfie it’s to make me feel good’.


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The star, who has been very open about regretting her boob job after being left with scars, then shared her thoughts on her fellow Geordie Shore cast members appearances: ‘Chloe [Ferry] has got the potential to go too far and I still try to look natural… Chloe wears so much make-up that if she gets so much done to her face she’s going to look so overdone’.

Marnie has also recently shared her opinion on the whole Gaz/Charlotte thing, confessing ‘I’m not a fan of Gary… 100 percent Gary has affected her confidence and I don’t know why Charlotte got that involved with him.’

So long story short, Marnie is sharing lots of wisdom and opinions today and we are so here for it.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr