Jerry Hall's girl advises her on style

Georgia May Jagger admits that she questions her mother’s dress sense from time to time.

The 16-year-old daughter of former supermodel Jerry Hall and rock legend Mick Jagger has always been something of a fashionista, helping her mum put outfits together from an early age.

‘I’m interested in every aspect of fashion,’ she says. ‘I think it’s in my bones. When I was younger I used to be my mum’s stylist, picking things out for her to wear. I’d say to her, “If anybody asks you who styled you tonight say Georgia“.’

Georgia May – sister to Elizabeth, 24, James, 22, and Gabriel, 10 – has also helped herself to some items in Jerry’s wardrobe.

‘I did take all her miniskirts,’ she tells You. ‘I didn’t tell her she couldn’t wear them but I told her one night that her skirt was too short.

‘She came down the stairs and I was like, “God, Mum, you are 50″.’


Lauren Parr


Here’s Jerry Hall in 2004, when she was still in her forties and feeling okay about revealing her knees…