Fawlty Towers star's relative did bed the star

The granddaughter of Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs admits she did sleep with Russell Brand three times in 2006.

Georgina Baillie was the subject of a prank phone call made to her 78-year-old granddad by the comedian and fellow DJ Jonathan Ross.

‘It was never going to be a serious relationship but I felt I could
trust him as a friend,’ she says.

‘Now he has done this I feel totally and utterly exposed and betrayed.’

The 23-year-old is considering making a formal complaint to police.

‘My grandfather is really upset and says he wants the whole situation to end,’ she says.

‘I will be speaking to him to ask whether we should complain to the police and we’ll be making the decision as a family.’

The BBC has received over 18,000 complaints about the pre-recorded Radio 2 show on 18 October and Jonathan, 47, and Russell, 33, have since been suspended.

But Georgina thinks they should be fired.

‘They should at least pay for what they’ve done with their jobs,’ she tells The Sun.

‘It was bad enough that they recorded these things on my grandfather’s answer machine but astonishing the BBC saw fit to broadcast it when they could have stopped it.’