Poor, innocent Ben

Good Morning Britain turned VERY cheeky on Thursday morning after dating expert Nadia Essex appeared on the show to discuss social media cheating.

But as talk turned to emojis – presenter Ben Shephard was left red faced when he found out what the aubergine really means.


Yup, it all started when Celebs Go Dating star Nadia began discussing ‘micro-cheating’ – which is apparently how sending certain emojis and commenting on other people’s Instagram posts can be seen as flirting.


Explaining what she meant, Nadia said: ‘If you are engaging in a comment, a little heart-eyed emoji when she’s in a bikini… that is where we draw the line in terms of THAT is micro-cheating.’ Who knew?!

Anyway, things then turned a little more suggestive when the subject of vegetable emojis was brought up – and poor, innocent Ben revealed he had no idea an aubergine had sexual connotations.

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The married star said: ‘My friend sends me an aubergine all the time! It’s her favourite. What’s wrong with it?’ LOL!

GMB co-host Susanna Reid was horrified by Ben’s confession and asked him if he ‘seriously’ sent the phallic-shaped emoji to his friends.

Kate Garraway then added: ‘You can’t send aubergines! Even I know that.’

To which Ben replied: ‘What’s being implied by sending an aubergine? Genuinely, because it’s a nonsense.’ Eeek!

And naturally viewers at home found the whole thing hilarious, with one writing: ‘@benshephard @LadyNadiaEssex @gmb #GMB Someone please educate Ben on his emoji use’.

‘Ben Shepherd Innocently trying to understand why the aubergine emoji is used in flirty texts is hilarious #GMB #goodmorningbritain #Microcheating’, said another.

And they weren’t the only ones…

Luckily, Ben reassured viewers that his friend was only sending him the cheeky emoji ironically – so we think he’s off the hook!