Has Gogglebox beauty Scarlett found herself a reality star boyfriend?


Move over Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson, it looks you might have some new competition for the title of hottest reality show couple.

Possibly. We hope at least.

If flirty banter on social media is anything to go by, then it looks like there might be something going on between Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt and Judge Geordie’s Alex Cannon.

After Scar (we feel she’ll be okay with this nickname) tweeted she was off livin’ it up at Soho house last night, Alex was quick to warn his (possible) girl to ‘take it easy.’

Which, fair enough, doesn’t sound like Romeo and Juliet, but when you factor in all the cute and flirty emoji’s – and the fact they’ve been tweeting back and forth for over a year now – they’re basically married in our eyes.

She even tweeted him good luck before the first ep of MTV’s Judge Geordie aired… with an actual love heart emoji just to seal the deal.

But what could these two ever have in common and how would it work you’ve probably just asked yourself? Well let us enlighten you.

1) They’re both actually well fit
2) Scar’s from County Durham and Alex is from Liverpool. Northerners unite.
3) They basically have the same job. While Alex cruises around the country with Vicky Pattison judging people, Scar kind of does just that from her very front room while watching the television alongside her mum and dad.

We wonder what Alex’s co-star Vicky makes of this all? Get Jude Geordie’ing this potential relationship.

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