The 23-year-old Geordie Shore star chooses love over fame...

It’s official, Marnie Simpson has left Geordie Shore!

The 23-year-old lass, and fiancee to ex TOWIE star Ricky Rayment, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the news after a newspaper article suggested she had been dropped.

In a heartfelt post, she said: ‘Being part of Geordie Shore was amazing and one of the best experiences I’ve ever been given and I will never forget it, but I couldn’t continue in the show in a relationship it wasn’t fun to me anymore and I didn’t enjoy it.

‘Picking between my future was extremely easy and Ricky would always come first, it was hard to say goodbye but if I hadn’t, I would of lost Ricky which I wouldn’t of let happen.

‘Staying in Geordie Shore wasn’t possible any more. Given a choice on the day of my engagement say no and continue with Geordie Shore or say yes and leave it for good, I choose to get engaged to Ricky and say goodbye to the show, a decision I’m still extremely happy with.

‘I would never let the person I love go because of a TV show. I’m so grateful to MTV for the opportunity ad journey I got it was fantastic and I will always remember it as a great time in my life.’

Her fans took to Twitter to express their sadness at her departure from the hit reality series.

Her exit comes after a newspaper report this morning suggested she had been difficult when filming a scene showing her on-screen lover Ricky Rayment proposing to her.

He had written ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on the beach but Marnie refused to continue with the cameras rolling – later telling friends that she didn’t want the proposal to be on TV.

A bit rich considering she’s a reality star!?

Anyway, will miss you Marnie!

Now! has contacted MTV for comment.

‘I’m hoping to start trying on the honeymoon’- Ricky Rayment on having a baby with fiancée Marnie Simpson!


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