We caught up with the queen's of baking innuendo and cooking puns, Mel and Sue, for the latest Great British Bake Off goss...

The Great British Bake Off is back and while we love the cooking drama, Mary Berry‘s bold blazers and Paul Hollywood‘s always perfect hair – it’s Mel and Sue who are the icing on the cakes for us. They have THE BEST job ever, right? Cracking jokes and nibbling on yummy food. We caught up with the pair to find out what to expect out of the new series…

Everyone loves Bake Off! Do you feel under pressure this year to make it even better?
Mel: It feels like we’re in our own bubble when we’re making the show, so it’s very hard to contemplate viewers watching it and anyone making a judgement on it.
Sue: It’s a show we all believe in, so we’ll carry on doing a show we love. I’m always shocked when the show goes out and there’s a whole hoo-ha!
M: Yes, it’s like we’re in another land.
S: We want to create a show that’s fun and everyone can watch.

Are the bakers this series the best yet?
M: They’re great.
S: They’re a lovely bunch and get on well with each other, which is important. We stand back and watch them chatting. Sometimes the funniest stuff comes from them!

Do the contestants get starstruck on set?
S: Yes, by Mary and Paul. They’re the ones they have to impress.

Did you feel sorry for Richard Burr last year when he got pipped to the post?
S: I felt for Richard. He was very talented but he did spectacularly badly on the last one. Nerves got to him. You see a lot of people bubbling under the top spot and then they come into their own at the end. The most famous one was Jo Wheatley [winner of series two] ­ she nearly went out at one point!

Have you got stuck into the cakes this year?
M: Yes. It’s episode four that always gets me. I just crack.
S: You can see from series one I’m now twice the woman I was!

Do you both bake?
M: Yes. I made 75 profiteroles recently, which I tried to make into a wizard’s hat.
S: If we’re not going around with Mary and Paul, I’ll go away and prep a bit, then make brownies. I cook what the crew love.

What’s your favourite week on Bake Off?
M: Savoury week.
S: I don’t like pie week, as I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I love bread.

Are you still as obsessed as us?
M: I love it. When we come to film  each year, it’s as if no time’s passed. It’s such a big part of our life now. It’s always a joy.
S: We all love it but it’s getting harder to wrest puns from baked goods!

People bake to relax ­ what do you like doing to chill out?
M: Being nude in the dark and wandering around!
S: You do that to relax? I do cage fighting. It gets rid of all my spare adrenaline!

Finally, what box set have you all watched during filming? We know you normally watch one…
M: We’re watching The Prisoner.
S: Paul gets sidetracked on motor racing, but it’s three against one!

The Great British Bake Off returns to BBC1 at 8pm on 5 August