Singer reveals he's attracted to Duchess of Cornwall

Rod Stewart has always had an eye for the ladies but it seems his latest crush is a tad older than his usual leggy blonde.

The 62-year old rocker has confessed that he is currently lusting after Prince Charles’ spouse Camilla Parker Bowles.

‘I am spoken for but she radiates sexuality in my opinion,’ says Rod. ‘I can imagine her and me in a haystack.’

The father-of-six also confessed to Heart FM that he needs to try harder in the bedroom these days than he did when he was younger.

‘I’m not one for having music on or the TV or any distractions,’ he explains. ‘I just like a few candles around the place otherwise I lose my concentration. To be a good lover takes great concentration.

‘Penny is a lucky lady, but I’m also a very lucky man. She’s heaven sent.’

Wonder what Pen makes of his royal crush…

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