Despite time apart, the pair could be planning to extend their family

They’ve spent hardly any time together recently as the demands of Coldplay‘s tour and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s filming schedule have taken them all over the globe.

But Now understands there’s a chance of another addition to the family for Gwyn and Chris Martin, 32.

Gwyneth‘s health-conscious at the best of times, but she’s been taking the same vitamins she took before she had Apple [five] and Moses [three],’ says a source.

‘The timing would suit her because she’s dreading the promotion she’ll have to do in the coming months for Iron Man 2. Chris has been busy touring with Coldplay for months, but he’s finally getting a break and they’d still love another brother or sister for their two children.’

The filming of Iron Man 2 was dogged by speculation that Gwyneth, 37, didn’t get on with her co-stars, especially Scarlett Johansson who was treated as the sex symbol of the movie.

Gwyn admitted she’d ‘signed in blood’ to do the films and that it was a struggle to return to acting after a break to raise the kids.

‘It was a real blessing for me to get to have time off and have children and there was really a point where I thought: “I don’t know if I want to do this any more,” she confessed.

Fuelling the baby speculation, she and Chris have recently had work done on their home, suspected to include a new nursery.

Beth McLoughlin

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