As a video of Gwyneth Paltrow doing a dance workout pops up online, we compare her moves to Jennifer Lawrence's

Since Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced their ‘conscious uncoupling’ back in March, a lot has happened for the former lovers.

Most noticeably for Chris, 37, who quickly traded one-time wifey Gwyn, 42, in for younger model Jennifer Lawrence, 24.

Although it was initially speculated Gwyneth wasn’t too pleased about Chris bouncing back so suddenly, she has allegedly since insisted she wants to ‘introduce Jen to her family’ and get to know the star a little better.


Happy families and all that!

Probably for the best Chris‘ leading ladies get on really, considering the fact he’s reportedly bought a £6.7 million mansion opposite her California home where she lives with their two children Apple, 10, and Moses, eight.

Despite their 18 year age gap, it seems Gwyn and Jen have much more than their mutual Oscar wins and a certain Coldplay frontman in common though.

With that being dancing!

Er, they dance you ask? YES THEY CERTAINLY CAN!

And we have the gifs to prove it. 

After fitness guru Tracy Anderson uploaded footage of a super-toned Gwyn busting some hip hop moves on Wednesday, we take a look at both ladies’ brief dalliances into the world of dance. So who has the best moves? Judge for yourself…

Whereas Gwyneth looks HOT (have you SEEN those abs?) but slightly like a B*Wtiched tribute act auditioning for the role of back-up dancer on the Big Reunion tour with that Irish jig – Jen took things to the heights of Strictly Come Dancing during her role in Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper.


Oh, it gets better…. 


Craig, Darcey, Len and Bruno would be proud Jen. You’ve got 10s all round from Now HQ

How can Gwyn top THAT you ask?

Get her out of her gym kit, into some leather and pop her on a chair in the Glee class room, that’s how!


Yeah… we’re not quite sure what to make of that one!

We wonder whose moves Chris prefers? 

Jennifer Lawrence sings along with Chris Martin as he serenades her at Coldplay gig – it must be love!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s barmy army of stress-busters

Joshua Fox