X Factor star Sinitta looks exactly the same as she did in 1987...and these pictures prove it


Sinitta turns 51 today. Yes, that’s 51, not 21.

But the former pop star and Simon Cowell‘s The X Factor sidekick doesn’t appear to have aged one bit since she burst onto the music scene in 1987.

The So Macho singer has been able to maintain her youthful complexion, fit figure and bouncy personality for yonks and we’re in awe of how she’s done it.

In fact, we can’t pretend that back in 2009 when she attended The Jonas Brothers:
3D Concert Experience film premiere with her two children Magadelena, nine,
and Zac, eight, we didn’t think she WAS one of her kids. That’s how good she
looks in the flesh.

Sinitta has never been shy about changing up her look and perhaps that’s the secret to her almost vampire-like powers to have frozen herself in time.

How does she do it? We’ve narrowed her anti-ageing secrets down to three possible things:

1. She’s not afraid to experiment with fashion
Whether it’s her palm leaf dress or hair-kini on The X Factor, or her stage outfits which are basically bikinis, only Sinitta could pull off that kind of thing. And if you like to bare the flesh, that’s certainly the best motivation you need to keep yourself in good nick.

2. She dated Brad Pitt

Before Angelina Jolie and their six kids, Sinitta was being wined and dined by Brad Pitt, hitting the LA party scene with her crew in 1988 – back when Paula Abdul was just a backing dancer in her music video.

We can imagine if Brad so much as just touched us, we’d be magically frozen in time to that moment too.

Since then Paula has been a panelist on American Idol with none other than Simon Cowell who Sinitta also dated.

Sinitta still gets her fix of Hollywood every now and again too by nipping back to Si‘s pad in California. We’re convinced all that Vitamin D from the sun is how her skin looks so good.

3. She tells it like it is
Do you know what’s ageing? Having to hide your true opinions in life, that’s what. But Sinitta isn’t shy about telling it like it is.

The Dancing On Ice alumni recently admitted she would love to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, the rival show to BFF Simon‘s The X Factor.

We’d be quaking about a backlash from Simon but not our Sinitta. She was back in the audience front row sitting behind Simon last weekend, just days after revealing her adoration for the BBC ballroom show.

Even at the 2014 Judge’s Houses Sinitta made light of a slightly awkward situation where it appeared Simon had no great acts for his Overs category, by providing viewers with priceless and HILARIOUS facial expressions.

Happy birthday Sinitta!

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