McBusted's Harry Judd and his wife Izzy reveal the heartache behind their pregnancy

When Harry Judd announced recently that he and his wife Izzy were going to become parents, we all squealed with joy for them. But the couple have revealed for the first time that they had to undergo two rounds of IVF before their dream of starting a family came true.

Speaking to Hello magazine, the couple candidly opened up about their struggle to conceive, and their devastation when Izzy’s first round of IVF ended in a miscarriage.

‘We thought, this is it, finally it’s happened,’ says Harry, 29, of the initial positive pregnancy test. But tragedy struck for the couple on Boxing Day last year, when Izzy, 31, suffered bleeding and sadly lost the baby. Determined to realise their dream of having a family, the couple underwent their second, successful round of IVF earlier this year.

‘Every baby is a miracle, but we do feel very lucky,’ says Izzy. Harry reveals that his wife is 17 weeks and two days pregnant, and that they’re counting down the days until the little one is born in January.

The couple, who first met ten years ago when violinist Izzy was involved with a McFly tour, began having problems conceiving just after they got married in 2012. Izzy was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome in her twenties, and when they failed to conceive after their wedding, they turned to IVF.

‘In an ideal world, when you’re ready to start a family, you hope you’ll conceive in the first few months,’ says Harry. ‘IVF was something we didn’t talk about. We didn’t want to go down that road. We thought it’d be fine.’

Happily, IVF has now given them their longed-for child – although they’ve decided not to find out the sex.

‘We don’t want to know. There’s no other surprise in life like it!’ says Harry.

They also hope that their little one will be a playmate for Tom Fletcher‘s son Buzz. ‘We would have loved to have a baby when [Tom and his wife Giovanna] had him so they could be the same age,’ Harry reveals.

We’re wishing Izzy and Harry all the best for the arrival of their mini Judd next year!

Harry Judd and wife Izzy announce they’re expecting their first child

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