It's a big, big day in Harry Styles news...


Drop. Everything. Like literally e v e r y t h i n g.

Something mega has just happened… HARRY STYLES HAS RELEASED HIS DEBUT SINGLE.

Which means the whole world has near enough stood still. Hey, no biggie.


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Haz unveiled his brand spankin’ new tune, Sign of the Times, on Radio 1 this very morning – causing quite the reaction!

The tune is a far cry from 1D’s usual stuff, with many hailing Harry for his originality with the debut single.

So, just in case you managed to miss the first play of the song….

And, whilst reactions have been mixed, it’s already got the seal of approval from one important source in the form of a One Direction star!

Harry’s former bandmate Niall Horan tweeted ‘H’, as he apparently likes to call him, saying: ‘Love it.’ 

Aww! There’s been no word from any of the other 1D boys yet mind…

Meanwhile, many fans took to social media following the song’s first play to simply loose their minds over the new track.

Some are very much blown away by Harry’s solo stuff…

Whilst others a feeling v. impressed with the originality of the tune.

Some are feeling like proud mothers… (Anne is Haz’s mum, just FYI)…

And some have decided its the only song they want to listen to for the rest of their lives…

Others are feeling a lil’ emotional…

One user writes, ‘#SignOfTheTimes is a song for the ages that will go down in history and be loved by all generations past & present. Nailed it’.

Some users have found themselves entirely wrapped up in the Friday feeling…

Whilst others are feeling more positive about the current social climate… We can thank you for that one, Hazza.

And some fans are simply indirecting the One Direction ‘fella… Yep, we feel ‘ya.

The overall general consensus?

Emosh. V. v emosh.

Now, heres the real question. Does this call for a bank holiday or what?!

Alice Perry