We LOVE that Harry Styles likes doing this in his spare moments on the road with One Direction…

Harry Styles is many things to many people – One Direction superstar, fashion icon, global heartthrob, friend to countless celebrities, etc…

But something we’ve recently learned about young Harry, 21, has kind of taken us by surprise. Anyone who follows the singer on Instagram will have noticed that Hazza is actually a HUGE fan of Scrabble.

Recently Harry has shared pictures of the board whilst playing the legendary word game during his downtime when he’s on the road with 1D and it looks like he’s getting pretty good at it.

His last snap showed that he’d managed to get some impressive terms including ‘quite’ (everyone knows that Q is a high scorer) and ‘jaw’ (J is another point-scoring favourite).

Harry’s even tried to get some more, um, inventive words when playing the game. During a Scrabble sesh in May the 1D star told fans that he’d come up with something quite daring…

‘First recorded attempt at ‘Vibey’ in scrabble,’ Harry captioned a photo of the board. Good one, Mr Styles!

Personally we think Harry’s fondness for Scrabble is utterly adorable and it seems that we’re not the only ones.

Directioners the world over are praising the curly-haired heartthrob on Twitter today in honour of #HarryAppreciationDay and many have paid tribute to his surprising hobby.

In fact many fans would like to join Harry for a round of the iconic board game.


Harry’s hobby isn’t just a recent fad either. Back in 2013 the singer made his followers say ‘awww’ by writing THIS adorable message following a family Scrabble match…

‘Just lost scrabble by 5 points. To my mother,’ he posted with a photo of the board as evidence.

Too. Cute. Harry’s geeky pastime has been going for so long that it was even rumoured to be a part of the whole Haylor affair back in 2012.

Yep, Taylor Swift reportedly bonded with the One Direction cutie over their mutual affection for the word game. Who knew Scrabble could be such an aphrodisiac, eh?

Happy #HarryAppreciationDay everyone!

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