Hetti was written out of the soap in 2014

After leaving a steady job in a soap, an actor is probably feeling a little anxious, but excited for the their future careers. All the roles they could play; all the places they could shoot!

However, things don’t always work out that way right at the start – and occasionally, you may need to work other jobs to keep yourself afloat while you find your dream role. And this has been exactly the discovery of former EastEnders star Hetti Bywater, as it’s been revealed that she’s currently pulling pints at a London pub.

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Hetti, 22, played wild child Lucy Beale on the long-running BBC soap from 2012-2014, leaving after the mysterious death of her character that sparked a nearly year-long whodunnit storyline. (Spoiler alert: it was her little brother, Bobby – wild, huh?)

Eastenders: Lucy Beale | Hetti Bywater | Photos

Eastenders: Lucy Beale | Hetti Bywater | Photos

With her final EastEnders appearance in a special flashback episode in 2015, it’s clear her days as Lucy are long behind her – and now, it seems as if she’s making a good buck as a bar worker in an Islington pub, as she was recently pictured pulling pints.

‘She was clearing glasses while punters watched football and smoking fags outside with colleagues,’ an insider reported to Sunday Mirror.

Aside from bar work, Hetti has still been hard at work with other acting gigs – most recently, she appeared in two episodes of Dawn French & Emilia Fox drama Delicious.