The Geordie Shore girl is determined to prove her body is real!


Holly Hagan has slammed critics who accused her of editing pictures to make her weight loss transformation look even better.

The Geordie Shore beauty released the image on Friday displaying the effects of the 21 day diet, with snaps from the beginning, after seven days and at the end.

The 24-year-old posted the pics on Instagram and Twitter, captioning the image: ‘#TBT to day 0 when I came back from Australia, to day 21 after using my 2016 Body Bible for just 3 weeks.

‘100% Airbrush free, using the same photographer week by week, at the same location standing in the same position!’


This comes after criticism that the Newcastle lass uploaded a transformation image two days ago comparing her in the sea in Australia against a mirror selfie, which saw many fans accuse her of manipulating the image to make the change more drastic.

But despite publishing those pictures, she’s remains unbothered by the criticism by taking to Twitter: ‘Haters will always hate, but I’ll just keep doing my thing, and I’m so proud of all the people I’ve helped return to a healthy weight :)’

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Holly Hagan has been making the headlines in other ways as it was revealed on Geordie Shore that she is back together with former cast mate Kyle Christie. After the cast reacted quite badly to the news on the show, Kyle took to Twitter to blast his ‘embarrassing’ ex-co stars.

Hopefully all this clears up the body problems because Holly looks AMAZING. You go girl, keep proving the haters wrong.

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