Erm, bit too much information here

This Morning viewers were in for a shock on Monday’s programme when Holly Willoughby was mysteriously absent from the sofa – and there was a pretty gross reason behind it.

The 36-year-old’s co-host Phillip Schofield informed viewers that Holly had been forced to pull out at the last minute due to a nasty illness which had resulted in her vomiting on her CAT. Ewww (and also poor puss)!


Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield slammed for ‘demeaning’ interview

This meant that Rylan Clark-Neal had to be drafted in at very short notice to present the show with Phil.

After joking that his new partnership with Rylan was all Holly’s fault, Phillip revealed: ‘She texted me this morning. You know the cat that she’s got, Teddy, that’s peeing on all the sofas?

‘She texted me this morning and said, “I’ve got up and I’ve just been sick on cat.”

‘Well I texted her back and said, “Well it had that coming!”’

Awww, poor Teddy! Rylan quipped in response to the news about the naughty puss: ‘I mean, that’s karma!

‘I hope the cat’s alright as well.’

Holly’s absence prompted viewers to send her their well wishes on social media, with one watcher Tweeting: ‘Hope @hollywills is better soon’

Meanwhile others joked that the mum-of-three had a lucky escape after guests Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear caused a stir in a, um, lively interview.

‘I bet @hollywills is glad she’s off sick now,’ one viewer quipped, whilst another wrote: ‘@hollywills look what happens on the show when you’re not around @Schofe @Rylan’

Holly being missing from the sofa certainly seemed to cause a bit of drama, with Rylan confessing that he’d been enjoying a lay-in a mere few hours earlier before unexpectedly getting the call to come in and cover Ms Willoughby.

‘I was in bed an hour and 20 minutes ago,’ Rylan explained. ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’

He then admitted that Phil had even offered to do the show by himself but instead ended up with his surprise new co-host.

Best get well soon eh, Holly?