Holly Willoughby dresses up as Alice in Wonderland, along with Keith Lemon and Little Mix, for a Halloween special of Celebrity Juice with Keith Lemon and Gino D'Acampo

Halloween is creeping up very soon this Saturday and to be honest, we’re still fretting over what we’re going to dress up as for the spooky evening.


But someone who is well and truly prepared and gave us a bit of a fright is the always lovely Holly Willoughby, who looked nothing like her usual smiley and sunny self as she got ready for a Halloween special of Celebrity Juice.

Dressed as Alice in Wonderland – complete with freaky eyes and painted on mouth – we can’t remember Alice looking like this when we used to watch the film growing up! Probably would’ve had many a nightmare if we did…

Of course, host of the show Keith Lemon still thinks that Holly looks fit. COURSE HE DOES.

He himself went as a pretty impressive Edward Scissorhands, while other team leader of the show Gino D’Acampo went as a mysterious Zorro.

Other guests on the show also went the whole hog for the Halloween fancy dress – a pair of cat ears just won’t cut it here boys and girls! Little Mix went as everything from a leopard to Black Swan, and we can’t help but have a little giggle at our fave northerner Johnny Vegas!

Great outfit guys! Can’t wait to see the show, now, we need to step up our Halloween game….