Emma Rigby has changed quite a bit since her Hollyoaks days


Where as most soap stars dream of making it stateside, many rarely do.

Except Emma Rigby in this case – who has quite successfully swapped Hollyoaks for Hollywood after leaving the Chester based soap five years ago.

And it’s not just her career that’s reaching new heights, but her lips too by the looks of this recent selfie.

In 2013, when she embarked upon her American dream, her pout first became a huge talking point back home after looking a little plump at a LA premiere.

Appearance aside though, the 25-year-old’s acting abilities haven’t gone unnoticed.

Emma, who played school girl Hannah Ashworth, was first critically acclaimed for her time on the soap; especially for her characters on screen battle with bulimia which seen her walking away with the award for Best British Actress at the British Soap Awards in 2008.

Since then she’s gone on to star in movies along side the likes of Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt.

Her first major role away from Hollyoaks came after landing the lead in US drama Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

Following that, Emma then went on to star in romcom Endless Love with Alex Pettyfer, The Counselor with Penelope Cruz, German adventure film The Physician and Demons Never Die, a British slasher film starring none other than actual Tulisa.

What do you make of Emma’s Hollywood look? We’re very much loving it!