Stacey Solomon opens up to fellow mum Rochelle Humes about her experience with postnatal depression and life as a single mother

It’s no secret that single mum Stacey Solomon has suffered from postnatal depression in the past – the star has been admirably vocal about her experiences, and even made a BBC documentary in 2013 to highlight the issue.

And now the former X Factor star has opened up once more, telling fellow mum Rochelle Humes how PND left her feeling ‘trapped’.

Mother-of-two Stacey was speaking to Rochelle for the latest instalment of AOL’s video series on motherhood, Being Mum.

Asked why she felt some mums choose not to speak out about experiencing postnatal depression, Stacey said: ‘I don’t know if people feel slightly humiliated or like they have done a bad job, if they feel that way inclined.

‘I felt really trapped… like I’m going to be terrible, I’m not going to be able to do this, I can’t live up to what the responsibility is. I didn’t feel like I had it in me as a person.’

And the bubbly blonde – who recently split from Jackass star Steve-O after a six-month relationship – had some positive things to say about being a single mum.

‘I  feel like I don’t need anyone else to say well done to me, because I get that from my children in other ways,’ she said.

‘They’ll beg me to take them to school, which I try do every single day. And, if they are doing a project at school, they’ll write about me.’

Awww – proud mum alert!

The 25 year old also revealed that she’s pretty strict with her two sons, Zachary, seven, and Leighton, three.

“I’m stricter than I ever thought I would be as a parent,” she said. ‘My parents were very strict. Not in a horrible way, just in morals [and] discipline. And I always thought, ‘Cor, when I have kids I’m not going to make them do that!’

‘But I am the opposite. It’s exactly how I was brought up.’

Strict or not, we still reckon it’d be pretty fun to have Stacey for a mum. Check out the full interview over on AOL!

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