Coronations Street’s star, Brooke Vincent, discusses reality TV game show rumour on Twitter

Brooke Vincent has been discussing a potential career opportunity with fellow Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall.

Yep, if the talk is to believed, we could be seeing the lovely Brooke in the I’m A Celeb… jungle!

The 23-year-old actress discussed the alternative career move on Twitter when her co-star, Alan, 32, tweeted a fan back who was asking whether or not he was interested in joining the line up.

He replied:

However, it was only after the independent production company asked some questions did suspicion arise about Brooke.

The question is do we really think Sophie Webster would munch on some crocodile penis? Well, according to Alan, if it’s not on the Golden Arches menu, she’s not too keen…

To be fair, we’re guessing anyone would take a McDonalds over the food they dish up in I’m A Celeb.

Brooke hasn’t been shy in praising the fast food restaurant and she has even posted previous tweets talking about the chain. Check out this one:

I’ve never seen this time in a morning in my life unless it’s with heels on and a Mcdonalds in my hand.. This is a joke!

We’re not sure you’ll get either in the Aussie outback, Brooke. Soz.

But is the Corrie’ girl certainly saw the funny side to Alan’s teasing…

But hold on… There was no denial? By the looks of those emoji’s she’s added she might be  concerned. Is this proof that she is going into the bush?

We just can’t tell! Is it light hearted poking fun at Brooke’s love for McDonalds, the rumours about her entering the ITV show or both?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the glamorous soap actress does appear on our screens for a bush tucker trial.

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