Uh-oh. Is Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth on the hippy crack?

It looks as though Love Island contestant Hannah Elizabeth has been a little naughty judging by an Instagram photo, which surfaced on Tuesday.

The shock photo, uploaded by UK online clothing brand, Hot Mess, shows Hannah, 25, and a friend sat on the grass as Hannah holds a colourful balloon to her mouth.

It poses the questions as to whether Hannah is taking nitrous oxide – a popular drug otherwise known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘hippy crack’.

Alongside the photo is the caption:

‘MESH TWINNING WITH @demsims @hannahelizinsta Perfect for all your festival needs .’

So what are the dangers of ‘hippy crack’? Whilst it is in fact a legal high, it certainly has its dangers as it blocks signals to the conscious part of the brain, giving users a momentary sense of relaxation.

The happy feeling you get from the drug has lead to it being given the nickname of ‘laughing gas’.

According to the Global Drugs survey 2014, laughing gas was the 14th most used drug worldwide last year.

Hannah, who recently got engaged to her Love Island co-star Jon Clark, has built up a fan base –young and old – thanks to her stint on the ITV reality show and work as a Playboy bunny,

Whilst we can only speculate that Hannah was taking the drug, followers of Hot Mess were quick to comment.

One user wrote: ‘Slightly disappointed that a picture of someone using a legal high would be used as advertising ,’ whilst another agreed with the comment and added:

‘exactly what I thought .’

Another fan expressed their upset by simply putting: ‘.’

To further highlight the dangers, according to drug advice site FRANK, nitrous oxide is in fact used to numb the pain during medical procedures, in engines to increase their power output and in whipped cream aerosol cans to prevent the product from going ‘off’.

Not pretty stuff really!




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