After Sheridan Smith’s rumoured split from Greg Wood, we look at how coming out of a relationship can actually be AWESOME

Sheridan Smith might be going through a tough time right now, having reportedly split from boyfriend Greg Wood after posting a series of mysterious Tweets.

34-year-old Sheridan has hinted on Twitter that she’s ended her relationship with Greg, 36. And according to The Sun, it’s because Greg secretly dated Tamara Wall, his Hollyoaks co-star, while he was still married to now-ex wife Catherine, who he has three kids with.

If it is all over between Sheridan and Greg then it will undoubtedly be rough for the Cilla star because, let’s face it, break-ups are tough. But there are good things about going through a split, even if you don’t notice it at the time.

Here’s our top 7 things you get out of a break-up but only realise later on…


Yep, that stage where you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, probably in front of the TV with a family-sized bar of chocolate all for yourself, is actually a good thing. Wallowing totally gets all those negative emotions out and enables you to move onto the next stage in a healthy manner. And frankly it’s brilliant because who doesn’t want to sit around watching rubbish telly and eating everything in sight for a little while?


At first having the bed to yourself might seem lonely and cold but you soon realise that being able to do starfish pose is pretty awesome.


It’s a cliché but every experience in life is helpful in some way. Good or bad (and we’re assuming it’s bad in this case, given that you’ve broken up ‘n all), you can always learn something. Even if it’s just who you WON’T date in future.

Facing the fear

Thought you couldn’t go out for dinner/to the cinema/etc without your other half? Well suck it up because now you have to. And we’re not just being mean here – that extra confidence you’ll get from saying ‘just one, please’ will mean you can overcome ANYTHING. We mean it.

No compromising

Initially post-break-up you might kind of miss having to watch THEIR TV shows, listen to THEIR music, eat what THEY want for tea, etc. You’ll eventually realise though that getting to choose what YOU want and having no-one to answer to is utterly amazing.

Awesome music

You know that stage where you go in search of music to match your tormented soul, where it feels like the lyrics were actually written just for you, and then create a whole heartbreak playlist of said songs? Well you might dig out some real gems. Okay, at the time you may feel a bit embarrassed about having Gloria Gaynor on your iPod, but who cares, it’s a TUNE.

Keeping stuff

Finder’s keepers and all that. You might burst into tears during the initial break-up phase when you find your ex’s belongings that, let’s face it, they’re probably not going to come back for. But there might be some good stuff there worth hanging on to. And hey, even if it’s rubbish it might come in handy for something. Perhaps it might serve some sort of use around the house; for example, as a coaster or doorstop. Yep, we’re giving break-up AND interiors advice here. You’re welcome.

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