The controversial mum shares her pregnancy drama on Twitter (obvs)

She’s been in a relationship for eight weeks and gave birth to daughter Grace in September, so why not have another baby now, eh Josie Cunningham? Um…

This weekend the mum of three took to Twitter to reveal that she’d taken a bunch of pregnancy tests, all of which were showing different results.

In a series of confused tweets, Britain’s most controversial woman, posted her pregnancy test rollercoaster.

I’m scared. 🙁 THREE showed positive, two negative and others inconclusive!’

Wow, she must have been in all day peeing on sticks.

She continued: ‘Dr said an inaccurate positive is very rare unless it’s early menopause or a health concern! Why’s nothing simple!? Anyone had the same problem?’

When one follower asked her who could have got her pregnant, the wannabe glamour model replied: ‘The guy I’ve been seeing for two months maybe??’

Josie Cunningham has spent 2014 filled with controversy, after she revealed in April that she planned to abort her baby in order to go on Celebrity Big Brother. She later changed her mind.

The baby’s father is still unknown, although the mum – who famously got a free boob job on the NHS – says she will reveal the results of the paternity test in a Christmas card to the baby’s dad. How very EastEnders.

If one of those positive tests are right and Josie is pregnant then she’ll be keeping to her original plan of getting pregnant by Christmas so that her children are close in ages and she can save money on the school run. Well that’s a great reason to have a baby if ever we’ve heard it.

Pregnancy worries weren’t the only way that Josie was ruffling Twitter’s feathers this weekend, she also returned to her old controversial stomping ground to discuss a Celebrity Big Brother appearance.

‘Sorry guys, as I’ve said before I won’t be going into Celebrity Big Brother next month until producers approach me with the min offer of £150K.’

She added: ‘And before you Twitter warriors start giving me abuse, it’s so a reasonable offer as The Sun reported White Dee received £100k.’

What do you make of the latest Josie Cunningham drama, have you had enough, or do you find her kind of fascinating? Would you watch CBB if she was in the house?

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