Psychic Sally Morgan tells Now her predictions for pregnant Kate Middleton's second AND third royal babies

Oh there’s nothing that excites us more than royal baby news (well, apart from Prince George‘s chubby cheeks and grumpy face, obvs). So when we chatted to psychic Sally Morgan, 63, we couldn’t resist asking her what insights she had into Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William‘s future.

Sally has more authority on all things royal baby related than most, she was Princess Diana‘s psychic for four years, guiding her through her divorce with Prince Charles and even predicted her death during a reading with one of Diana’s sisters, when she saw a body being pulled out of a car in a tunnel.

She is also the trusted psychic for an array of celebs including Uma Thurman, George Michael and Katie Price, so we were on the edge of our seat to hear what Sally predicts for Kate, Wills and their new royal baby, due in April 2015.

‘There will be three children for Kate and William, most definitely,’ Sally revealed to us.

After squealing with excitement we managed to ask, what she thinks the sex of the babies will be.

‘I think she’ll have two boys then a girl,’ she told us.

‘I think with the third child there may be a four year period. I think when the second baby is born it will be four years before she has the third one.’

So let’s get this straight – Sal reckons that royal baby number two will be another boy and there will be a girl in four years’ time? WELL COLOUR US EXCITED.

We wonder what Prince George will make of all of this. His gorgeous little face already has a huge air of: ‘Don’t mess with me’ about it, and we can see him being a total no nonsense big brother, especially when he realises he has to share Kate and William‘s attention with another baby. #FirstBornProblems

What do you make of Sally‘s predictions, do you believe in psychics?

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