We all got excited about J-Law and Chris hooking up, but now it's all over. And we’re guessing one person is over the moon about the split

It’s never easy seeing your ex get together with someone else, let alone getting together with a younger, more in-demand version of yourself. But that’s exactly what happened when Gwyneth Paltrow ‘consciously uncoupled’ from her husband of 10 years, Chris Martin, and Jennifer Lawrence snapped him up.

Yet, after four months of dating, Jen, 24, has already dumped Chris and we can’t help but think Gwyneth, 42, may have had something to do with it.

Jen is said to have called it quits a few days ago, blaming their busy schedules, but it also ties very nicely into the fact Chris, 37, and Gwyneth were seen out for dinner in Brentwood, California AGAIN a few days ago. An onlooker spotted Gwyneth ‘caressing Chris’ head’ before they said their goodbyes.

No wonder J-Law had a bit of a sh*t-fit and dumped him – we would too. An A-list actress, with an insanely tight body, caressing the lovely, curly-haired head of your man? Not on our watch, thanks.

Of course, while there may have been nothing going on with Gwyn and Chris, it doesn’t rule out that Jennifer was always likely to have been a third wheel in their relationship.

Chris and Gwyneth not only have two kids together, Apple, 10, and Moses, eight, but they also live next door to each other over in the US and haven’t actually divorced yet. That’s a lot of baggage to take on.

We have no doubt that Jennifer would have totally charmed Gwyneth, but would she have played nice every time the Iron Man actress popped over to borrow a cup of sugar? Hmm, we’re not so sure. So has Gwyneth taken on J-Law and won back her man? Maybe.  

Jennifer just couldn’t compete and didn’t want to,’ a source says. ‘Chris is clearly not over Gwyneth and his main priority is his kids. Jennifer really respects him, but she wants a man of her own. And Chris has been spending lots of time with Gwyneth and their kids lately.

‘It was just a bit too much for Jen. She doesn’t want to be second to anyone. You can’t blame her.’

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