Watch out, world - Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne’s daughter Ella looks ready to hit the road

Many of us have to wait until we’re at least 17 before we get our first car but lucky Ella Osborne has got in there early.

Yep, Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osbourne’s cute five-month-old baby has already been given her own vehicle – and it’s even decked out with a swanky personalised number plate.

Okay, so Ella’s not actually on the road yet, but her adorable mini car toy will give her plenty of practice for when that day comes!

Proud mum Jac, 22, shared a sweet photo of the tot playing in her vehicle last night and simply captioned it with two heart emojis. Awww!

Ella looks very happy with the swish new wheels in the picture as she holds onto the steering wheel and smiles for the camera.

We think this is possibly the sweetest thing we’ve seen all week and Jac’s Instagram followers seem to agree with us.

‘Awww so cute… Beep beep,’ one fan commented.

Another wrote: ‘Awe soooooo adorable! She’s starting to look like you @jacjossa’

It seems only fair that Ella has got her own car as her half-brother Teddy – dad Dan’s 18-month-old son from his relationship with Megan Tomlin – posed for a snap in a mini vehicle of his own last week.

Dan, 24, posted the shot of the grinning little boy in some impressive wheels a bit bigger than Ella’s and added the caption: ‘My boy going for a drive’ Bless!

Life is clearly good for Jac and Dan’s clan right now. It’s been a month since the couple got engaged when Dan proposed to his EastEnders actress girlfriend during a holiday in Greece and they’re very excited about the future.

Last week bride-to-be Jacqueline took to Twitter to reveal how content she was feeling as she took stock of her life.

‘I’m in such a good mood today, happy and in love, amazing family and I’m getting married Oo and ella is super cute today laughing away,’ she Tweeted.

How lovely! We can’t wait for Jac and Dan’s big day – maybe Ella and Teddy will drive them to the church?

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