Remember Me This Way will be released tomorrow


Jade Goody has dedicated her photo tribute book to her sons.

The Big Brother star wrote a love note to Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4, before she died on Mother’s Day.

The message will appear in Remember Me This Way, to be released on Monday.

‘I thank God that we made the most of all our time together and I treasure the moments we shared,’ reads the letter.

Referring to her mum Jackiey Budden, 50, husband Jack Tweed, 21, and the boys’ dad Jeff Brazier, she adds: ‘I know that with the help of nanny Jackiey, Jack Tweed and daddy Jeff you will turn into fine, upstanding young men.’

Jade, 27, started work on the album – which is intended to help the boys remember her when they grow up – after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last summer.

It features intimate snaps of her with her family, taken by photographer pals Dan Hayward and Simon Bridger.

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