TV appearances take priority over family

Disgraced Jade Goody hasn’t seen her children since she was booted out of the Big Brother house on Friday.

Instead the 25-year-old mum of Bobby, three, and Freddy, two, has filled her days with TV appearances.

Since her eviction she’s been filmed speaking with Davina McCall, and on Big Brother’s Little Brother, GMTV and This Morning.

She also tried to clear her name after her shocking treatment of housemate Shilpa Shetty, with a lengthy interview in the News Of The World.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday Fern Britton asked her: ‘Doing a deal with a newspaper, crying in the diary room, not having been able to see your children – it all looks like an attempt to save your career.

‘Why do all these interviews and not just go somewhere quietly with your children and step back?’

In reply Jade snapped: ‘I’m not allowed to see my children as there are police outside my house. That’s why I can’t see my children. They can’t come to where I am staying as there are people around there.

‘I am a person and I have got feelings, I am allowed to hurt.’

Jade’s publicist told the Daily Mirror: ‘We don’t think it’s the best idea to see the children yet. They are with their father and not expecting to see their mother until the end of the week. Jade isn’t in the right frame of mind to see them, as much as she wants to for selfish reasons.’