Reality TV star says the glamour model is a hypocrite


Jade Goody has hit back at Jordan after she criticised her for selling stories about her cervical cancer ordeal.

‘I know one celebrity who thinks it’s disgusting I’m making money from an illness that loads of people suffer from,’ the reality TV star says.

‘But then that same celebrity – Jordan – sells stories on her disabled child. And let’s not forget she was on the cover of every magazine when she had cancer on her finger.

‘What she said was spiteful. I don’t like her. In fact, I hate her, I can’t f**king stand her.’

Jade, 27, insists she’s doing what she thinks is right for sons Freddie, 4, and Bobby, 5.

‘When I’m having treatment I won’t be working or getting paid,’ she tells OK!.

‘I don’t get sick pay like everyone else. I don’t have a husband supporting me so I need to make money so my kids are looked after.’

The Big Brother star was told the she had cervical cancer 2 months ago. She has since had a hysterectomy and is now undergoing a course of radio and chemotherapy.

Alison Adey