She thinks it would cheer him up in prison


Jade Goody admits she’s tempted to send jailed boyfriend Jack Tweed raunchy photos of herself.

But the reality TV star, who has cervical cancer, thinks he would get the hump.

‘I once suggested that I send him sexy photos,’ she says.

‘But he said: “If you do that I’ll string you up when I get out. Everyone would look at them!”’

So Jade, 27, is considering other ways to surprise him.

‘I want to hire a plane to fly over the prison with a big sign saying: “Merry Christmas prisoners!”’ she says.

‘Then drop in loads of stuff like sweets and cigarettes, but Jack says I’d be arrested.

‘Can you imagine, I’d be in the cell going: “Hello boys!”’

In September, Jack, 21, was sentenced to 18 months for attacking a teenager with a golf club.

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Alison Adey