Singer sets record straight about their row

Javine Hylton has spoken out about reports her lover MC Harvey attacked her with a knife.

The rapper was reported to have been cautioned by police after an argument at their London home in July. 

But Javine, 26, says the incident was blown out of proportion.

‘That’s a complete lie – there was no knife,’ she insists.

‘There was someone close to us who made that up… I don’t know why you heard he was cautioned – they just let him go when he became calm.’

Harvey, 29, spent a night in a cell, which Javine says helped them both clear their heads. 

‘A neighbour called the police,’ she says. ‘It was a big row and we were being very loud, so they phoned the police.

‘Like any couple when they argue, you just want to get away from your partner to breath. I just wanted him out of the house.

‘I think the police did the right thing in separating us to allow us to cool down.’

Javine and Harvey have a daughter, Angel, 8 months. 

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