Singer desperate to get back in shape after having a baby

Javine Hylton admits she hated her body after she gave birth.

The singer put on 5 stone during pregnancy and she says it was all down to her constant snacking.

‘After I gave birth my tummy was literally hanging,’ she says. ‘It was horrible, and my bum got really big.

‘I indulged too much when I was pregnant, I just sat at home and ate, and my mum told me: “You’re going to regret this, you know”.’

But 4 months on, Javine is finally feeling better about her figure.

‘I’ve been training for the last few months, working my butt off, and I’ve lost five stone,’ she says.

‘I’ve been eating healthy things like chicken soup and I’ve cut out snacks like crisps – I love them but I haven’t eaten them in a long time. And I’ve been doing lots of running.

Javine, 26, had baby daughter Angel in February. She is engaged to MC Harvey, 28.

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