Presenter also lays down rules for Jackiey


Jeff Brazier is unlikely to allow Jack Tweed to spend time with his sons again.

The presenter is dad to Bobby, 6, and Freddie, 4, with the late Jade Goody.

‘With everything that’s happened, it’s just proved too much for me to ever imagine Jack seeing the children again,’ says Jeff.

Jade, 27, wanted Jack, 22, to be involved in the boys’ lives following her death from cancer in March.

‘I respect Jade‘s wishes, but it’s my right to put a little common sense into the equation,’ Jeff tells the News Of The World.

‘If I feel what she wanted will be detrimental to the children because of situations that have developed since her death then I’m going to do something about it.’

Jeff is also thinking about limiting the time Jade‘s mum Jackiey Budden, 51, spends with the kids.

‘I don’t see eye to eye with her,’ he adds. ‘She knows that…

‘One thing I will always respect is that my children love their Nanny.

‘So they can see her as long as she doesn’t do anything to seriously jeopardise the situation.’

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